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How To Reach Your Goals (Part 1)

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To reach your goals in 2020, it’s important to know why many people miss the mark. Here are the 9 most common traps that snag people. 9 Goal-Setting Traps Trap #1: Lack of ClarifyMany are not clear about what they want. Take the time to clarify what you really want and don’t succumb to pressure from others. Are these my goals or am I trying to impress someone? Are they mine or are my aims driven by pressure from others? Trap #2: Not In Writing A goal that is written is 10 times more likely to be achieved. If you know what you want...

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How To Reach Your Goals (Part 2)

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If you’ve written down some goals for 2020, you should be proud. Everything starts with clarifying what you want. Anxiety is a huge obstacle in moving towards goals. Fear of being criticized and rejected keeps me from taking the leap. Some don’t start because they fear letting themselves down and not being able to cope. Whatever the challenge, getting STARTED on your goals is easier if you answer these 4 questions. Questions On Your Goals 1. What is the main obstacle and how can I overcome it?2. How can I get accountability...

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How To Reach Your Goals (Part 3)

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Here’s a goal setting activity I’ve used with dozens of clients. It takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. You can do it personally or with your team. Works great as a team building activity where everyone shares their results. With this task, I’ve found that most set the same goals in 15 minutes that they would if given 15 days. The time limit forces your mind to focus and your intuition to engage. Set a timer and trust your instincts. “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and...

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25 Books That Have Changed My Life for the Better

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I’ve read a lot of books and special few have inspired me deeply. Some have changed and possibly saved my life, and I want to share them with you.  Here’s how I decided on my list:1. I’ve read the book multiple times because it’s been so helpful.2. I love it so much, I’ve had it in more than one format (eBook, print, audio, etc.)3. The book is so relevant, I can see myself reading and recommending it 25 years from now. 4. The book follows the K.I.S.S principle. Keep It Super Simple. The book...

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Why I Decided to Start Decide Your Legacy (Part 2)

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I started Decide Your Legacy because I love helping clients uncover their potential and find their best future. I started this business because I believe in coaching.I’ve been a mental health professional for over 20 years, and while I enjoy much about this role, coaching is my passion. There are HUGE differences between coaching and counseling approaches. Counseling is about …..1. The therapist is the expert2. Your problems and how they keep you stuck3. Your past4. How you’re doing things by default5. Healing old wounds6....

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How to Connect with Almost Anyone

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Nobody can succeed and thrive in life without loving relationships. We are not fueled by achievement, but by connection. If you get this backwards, you’ll feel worthless when you fail, life stops going well, or others achieve more. Furthermore, you’ll end up miserable as a victim of the comparison trap. Very few people feel deeply worthy of love. Both your friends and your enemies, if they’re honest with themselves, struggle with feeling inadequate. People desperately want to feel accepted, and you can help them by...

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Why I Started Decide Your Legacy (Part 1)

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Decide Your Legacy was created to inspire people to intentionally focus on their future. At times, due to fear and distractions, we’ve steered away from the purpose, yet it always comes back around to helping others “Find Their Best Future”.  Decide Your Legacy was created to help people clarify a plan for their life. A Legacy Plan. Something flexible, not rigid. A framework, a guide, a reminder. A Legacy Plan comes out of courage, not fear. It propels you forward to face...

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18 Ways to Build Self-Confidence (Part 2)

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I once boxed in an amateur boxing tournament. I did it to prove to myself that I could face fear. It was a good decision. Building confidence always involves facing your fears. Here are 9 more confidence building decisions. If you didn’t read part 1 where I discuss the first 9 of these 18 actions, you can access it here.  “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt   18 Confidence Building Decisions Decision #10: Be Humble I can be filled with self-pity...

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18 Ways to Build Self-Confidence (Part 1)

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I once jumped off a crane wearing only ankle straps. I was only 18, and it probably wasn’t safe. Spontaneously doing risky things in a foreign country isn’t a great long-term confidence building strategy.  Here are some healthy ways you can build self-confidence. 18 Confidence Building Decisions Decision #1: Take Risks, Fail, Get up When you fail, get rejected, or embarrassed, and still choose to believe in yourself, you’re really growing. Decide today what 2 scary things you are going to do tomorrow. Make the phone call,...

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Take Risks Frequently!

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There are certain powerful emotions I never want to feel again. Super strong feelings of rejection, failure, and embarrassment. Because of this hurt from my past, my mind (i.e. psyche) bullies me into doing whatever I can to avoid feeling that way again. So, I’ll hide out avoiding life thinking this is helping me when it is actually hurting me. I’m believing psychologically damaged advice. The worst advice you can ever take is from a fearful mind. Brene Brown helped me see that if you don’t risk getting hurt emotionally...

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