Will You Decide Your Legacy?

The happiest and most productive people live intentionally. They decide their legacy (not someone else), have a plan to live it out each day, and consistently execute this plan. They’ve done the hard work of looking internally to discover their life purpose, mission, and core values. They know what makes them “light up”, and because of this, they wake up each day excited to pursue their goals. The purpose of Decide Your Legacy is to help others find clarity, create alignment, live purposefully, and ultimately get what they REALLY WANT.

 Have you ever seen someone, or been in a position personally, where you have the desire and motivation to reach your goals but just can’t seem to make the progress you want? You feel stuck in a specific area of your life. At Decide Your Legacy we help people find the clarity and tools they need to create alignment so they can live purposefully in order to get what they REALLY WANT. Our clients start making progress in areas where they were stuck, get closer to reaching their GOALS, and inspire others to do the same.

How We Measure Success

At Decide Your Legacy, we measure success by the number of people we can inspire to courageously and intentionally live out their legacy each day. We will help you create the future and legacy you desire. We are goal focused and results driven. Our aim is not to tell you what you do but to inspire you to do what you intrinsically know will bring you the future you desire. We want to walk alongside you on your journey towards personal, family, or organizational fulfillment.

We help people, families, and organizations decide what they want their legacy to be and create a plan to move towards their BEST FUTURE through professional counseling, life coaching, ultra practical nuts & bolts trainings, and organizational development services. We help people with a good or average marriage, career, ___________ (fill in the blank), but want a great one. We are convinced that a great future can become a reality. We will help you get from here, closer to where you REALLY want to go.