The Benefits of Counseling

A skilled counselor can…

  • Help you find solutions to overwhelming life problems¬†
  • Help you break destructive habits and start new positive ones
  • Help you take steps to overcome depression and anxiety and provide the support, encouragement, and¬†accountability needed
  • Help you solve marital and relationship problems and teach you the skills needed to prevent future problems
  • Provide you with the necessary tools, support, and accountability needed to reach your goals


Professional Counseling vs. Life Coaching

Decide Your Legacy accepts some insurance including Blue Cross & Blue Shield and ProviDrs Care. Insurance claims will be submitted to insurance companies as allowed for medically necessary services. Our providers contract with insurance companies on an individual basis.

Please call your insurance company prior to making an appointment to find out specific insurance coverage for therapy services. You are responsible for full payment of services if insurance does not cover the associated fees.