Purpose, Values & Vision

Spreading HOPE and HEALTH.

Our Purpose

Courageously building connections with people and organizations to help them find transformational clarity & thrive.

Our Core Values

Intentionality: Purposefully doing the little things with excellence, while following a solid plan, gets excellent long term results.
Always Hope: Regardless of the past, there’s always hope for a bright future. Take action out of hope!
Live With Courage: We desire to never take the path of least resistance, following God’s direction for our lives and our business.
Pursue Growth & Learning: There’s always more to learn and ways to grow. Alway innovating and improving our services.
Stewardship: We manage our resources with great care, remembering that the most valuable things in life are free.
Fun: Enjoying where you invest your time and energy is crucial. Life was made to be lived! 
Remarkable Customer Service: Our customers are so satisfied, they enthusiastically tell others about us.

Our Vision

Inspiring over 1 million people to “decide their legacy”, create their legacy plan, and live out this plan intentionally each day.

Our Mission

Spreading HOPE and HEALTH through coaching, counseling, training, and corporate development services.