Purpose & Mission

Spreading HOPE and HEALTH.

Our Purpose

Courageously building connections with people and organizations to help them find transformational clarity & thrive.

Our Mission

Spreading HOPE and HEALTH through coaching, counseling, training, and corporate development services.

Our Vision

Inspiring over 1 million people to “decide their legacy”, create their legacy plan, and live out this plan intentionally each day.

Our Core Values

Intentionality: We believe that purposefully doing the little things with excellence, while following a solid plan, gets excellent results in the long run.
Always Hope: Regardless of your past mistakes and failings, there’s always hope for a tremendous and bright future.
Live With Courage: We desire to never take the path of least resistance, following God’s direction for our lives and our business.
Pursue Growth & Learning: We are committed to continuous learning. We always have more to learn and opportunities for improvement abound. We consistently implement innovative ways to improve our services.
Stewardship: We manage our resources with great care and help others to do the same, remembering that the most valuable things in life are free.
Remarkable Customer Service: When you purchase our services and products, our aim is that you’re so satisfied you will gladly tell your friends about us.