Purpose, Values & Vision

Spreading HOPE and HEALTH.

Our Purpose

Helping people find transformational clarity that propels them to face their biggest fears & LIVE & leave their chosen legacy.

Aligning Core Values

We Choose HOPE over Fear: In all circumstances, regardless of the past, there’s hope to be found. 
We Are Courageous Risk Takers: We take actions that scare us to grow and positively impact others. 
We Live Imperfect Lives with Rigorous Honesty: We have the courage to tell the truth and be ourselves regardless of the opinions of others.  
We Have Fun Frequently: There is joy, laughter, and the adventure in each day – and we find it.
We Wholeheartedly Practice Self Care: We help ourselves first, so we can be helpful to others. 
We Live With Intentionality: We focus on what matters most without expecting perfection, AND inspire others to do the same.

Our Vision

1 million people’s lives our positively transformed by creating their legacy plan & committing to living out this plan daily. 

Our Mission

To inspire and nurture HOPE and HEALTH through coaching & corporate development services.