12 Dating & Marriage Building Activities

Make Your Relationship Extraordinary

July 20, 2022 |

relationship building activities

If a healthy romantic relationship were easy, more people would have one. Whether you are in a dating relationship, engaged, or married, here are 12 activities that can take your relationship from average to extraordinary.

#1: Schedule Fun

Make a list of 15 activities that you enjoy engaging in with your significant other. Make sure some of the activities cost little to no money. Exchange lists. Put some of these activities into your schedule.

#2: Encouragement Lists

Both you and your significant other make a list of 10 things the other person can do to encourage you. Exchange lists. Consistently do what’s on their list.

#3: Question Jar

Put some relationship building questions in a jar, pick a question, and answer that question. You can also purchase our already made question jar, The Legacy Jar, that has 108 great questions here.

#4: Exercise Together

As the saying goes, “a couple that works out together, stays together.” Actually, I don’t know if this is true, but what I do know is that exercise is great for your mindset and sense of wellbeing – traits that are part of a healthy relationship.

#5: Learn about Healthy Relationships

You can read books on the subject together. You can attend a weekend retreat. You can see a counselor or coach for a relational check up. Opportunities to learn about having a healthy relationship abound if you look for them.

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#6: Pray Together

A special activity that will always bring people closer. There is great power in prayer.

#7: Admiration Lists

Write down 15 things you admire, appreciate, or are thankful for related to your spouse. Write down the details. Exchange lists.

#8: Entertain Together

Entertaining magnifies the sense of team you have or don’t have. If you don’t have a strong sense of unity, having people over can help you learn to work together.

#9: Befriend Healthy Couples

Spend time around other couples with healthy relationships. Let them rub off on you remembering that the quality of your relationship will ultimately be similar to the relationships of those you hang around the most.

#10: Set Goals Together

You can start by setting goals for the next 6 months together in 7 different life areas: health, social, intellectual, spiritual, financial, family, and career. Agree upon one goal in each area. Post these goals on your fridge.

#11: Volunteer Together

Find a cause you both believe in and schedule time to serve. This could be through your church or a local charity. Getting your eyes off yourself and onto the needs of others is always a good thing.

#12: Make a Budget

Yes, this can actually build your marriage. If you aren’t married, then do a mock budget. To have a successful budget requires BOTH individuals. Creating a budget and sticking to it requires teamwork at a whole new level.

Take Action

These are some simple and, for the most part, fun activities to strengthen your relationship (yes, budgeting is simple, but I didn’t say it was easy). Incorporate one activity each month, or even each week, and experience the positive impact on your relationship. If you like my style, go through my online coaching course Tune Up For Life together. Transform your relationship by learning about having a healthy perspective, loving yourself better, living with balance, living out your core values and life purpose together, goal setting as a couple, developing healthy habits as a team, and more.

Question: What’s a great relationship building activity that didn’t make my list?

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