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20 Questions to Ignite Meaningful Conversations

By on Dec 1, 2019 in Relationships | 0 comments

Powerful conversations have positively impacted my life. I long for them. While there are no guarantees, you can create an environment where meaningful discussions are more likely to occur. Great questions are a part of creating this environment. I have a friend from college named Aaron. I remember us having meaningful talks soon after we met. They were about our...

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How To Have Positive Holidays

By on Nov 27, 2019 in Life Balance, Relationships | 0 comments

If you get anxious about time with family and friends during the holidays, this information will help. Here are tools to get you past your fears and into the fun. Tool #1 : Lower Your ExpectationsPerfectionism is the enemy. Unrealistic expectation is the root of most stress. At the end of a family event, be happy if it was a 7, on a scale of 1...

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