Life Coaching and Counseling

20 Questions to Ignite Meaningful Conversations

Meaningful conversations have changed my life. I long for them. You can create an environment where meaningful discussions happen consistently by courageosly asking great questions.

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Relationship Mistake

10 Ways to Encourage People

Most people make one big relationship mistake, both personally and professionally. Stopping this tendency will significantly improve your life and encourage the people you love. 

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Growing Closer to Your Family

47 Questions to Get to Know People Better

One of the best actions you can do to improve your life, and the lives of others, is to reach out and get to know people better. People feel alone and they want to be known. The place to start is with curiosity. Below are some great questions to ask. I've learned fascinating things about people I've known for decades, all because I asked.

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Young couple in cafe

50 Fun Relationship-Building Questions

Here's a list of 50 of my favorite relationship building questions. Use this tool to build relationships at work, home, and with your friends. They work well for team meetings and family events. Enjoy!

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Critical Woman

How to Be Less Critical & More Encouraging

I can be critical of others. That’s been a dysfunctional strategy for staying safe. Here are 5 relationship strategies helping me break this horrible habit.  

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Man building relationships

25 Tips for Strengthening Relationships

Here's the ULTIMATE guide for building relationships. 25 practical tools for strengthening your connections.

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holiday coffee party

5 Secrets to Enjoying Family Over the Holidays

If you get anxious about time with family and friends during the holidays, this information will help. Here are tools to get you past your fears and into the fun.

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Curious man

My 20 Favorite Questions to Ask Clients

Human connection heals! As you prepare for interactions with your family, friends & co-workers, here are some questions that can strengthen bonds.

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Building Trust

7 Keys to Building Trust in Relationships

Here are 7 keys I look for when deciding if I can trust someone deeply. These as the ways I can create a foundation where others can deeply trust me.

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New Friendship

15 Ways Adults Can Make New Friends

I’m often asked by clients for advice on how to make new friends. Many people are lonely. Here are the 15 suggestions to help you expand your support network and increase your connections.

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