The Legacy Jar




The Legacy Jar will help transform relationships with your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers.

  • Build healthier relationships at work through getting to know co-workers
  • Improve your marriage by understanding of each other better
  • Start fun conversations with your children over meals
  • A great icebreaker & conversation starter in any setting
  • Perfect for getting people talking in your church group
  • Great for road trips
  • Gain inspiration to reach our goals and live out your legacy
  • No more awkward silences with The Legacy Jar

Most people are hungry for connection. We developed the Legacy Jar as a way to inspire meaningful conversations. Your Legacy Jar includes 108 different questions on a variety of topics. Pick a question and answer it. It’s that simple and some serious fun as well.

Here are some ways you might want to use the legacy jar:

1. Make it a goal to answer the questions with your spouse
2. Pass it around the table while eating out with friends
3. Use it to break the ice before a staff meeting at work
4. Use it with Facetime or Skype to connect with someone who lives away
5. Pick out questions and use them as entries into a personal journal


“I use The Legacy Jar with 2 parts of my business. I use it weekly with my management team. It has allowed us to become a tighter team that knows and understands each other more. I also use it with new employees during orientation as a way to start the creation of personal connection. My turnover has cut in half of my industry standard since using The Legacy Jar during orientation.” –Keith Sullivan from Amarillo, Texas

“Yes! We LOVE ours! The kids ask if we can “do a question” at every meal.” – Julie from Goddard, Kansas

“I’ve used the legacy jar with an eighth grade Sunday school class, students in 4th grade, and an adult group and everyone loved it! I find it amazing that this tool works for families, couples, in the classroom, team building, etc. I’m a fan!” – Tiffany from Metairie, Louisiana

“What a great way to stimulate thoughts, memories, ideas – and to take us into each other’s hearts.” –Larry and Faith, Wichita, Kansas

“It’s a great conversation game.” –Amy Scott from Orangevale, California

“I highly recommend The Legacy Jar. I’ve used it many times at work, home, and at church events. The questions are excellent. My 5th graders used to beg me at school to play it. I’ve purchased dozens for my family and friends.” – Heidi from Maize, Kansas

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