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Tough Decision Making

How to Make Good Decisions (Part 1)

I've wasted countless hours in turmoil over decisions. Indecision has hurt my career and cost me financially. I've frustrated family and friends because I couldn't make up my mind. Few things stress me out more than major choices, and few things bring me as much relief as getting decisions made.

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Businesswoman having anxiety attack.

Overcome Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety focuses on what can go wrong. It zeroes in on the worst outcome coming true and bad things happening again. Hope focuses on what can go right, and the opportunity in every circumstance.

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Woman with Hiking Pole and Backpack Celebrating

How To Be Emotionally Healthy (Part 1)

There's a correlation between a lack of healthy emotional expression with depression and anxiety. How do I know this? Well, from research, as well as, from my own personal experience.

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Beautiful young woman looking thanking sun has returned

20 Questions to Create a Positive Mindset

Something that I can do that is never a waste of time is taking 10 minutes for gratitude. This helps me get focused on the RIGHT things even at my worst moments. Often clients come to me stressed out over things outside their control. I generally ask some questions to challenge their thinking. If I can get their mind focused on gratitude, their dispossession changes. I wish I could film their face as this change occurs. It's amazing.

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Decision Making Skills

How to Make Good Decisions (Part 2)

Over the last two weeks, I've made some decisions that were good and some I regret. I asked some friends for help with moving into our additional office space. That was a good decision. We couldn't have made the move without the help. I avoiding pursuing some business opportunities due to my fear of rejection. That was a bad choice on my part. Both were not major decisions, but success with small choices gives me the strength and momentum for the big ones. Here's 4 more tools I find helpful in being decisive.

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Surprised woman looking out airplane window.

Anyone Can Struggle With Anxiety (Part 1)

In 1998 I flew from Wichita to Phoenix on America West Airlines. We hit some turbulence going over the Rocky Mountains, the most severe I've ever experienced. Some passengers screamed. Others prayed and recited scripture out loud. What probably lasted 15 minutes seemed to go on for hours. Our Boeing 737 eventually landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. After the flight I thought I was fine, but I was wrong.

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Anyone Can Struggle With Anxiety (Part 2)

What is Anxiety? ~ Being consumed by future failures ~ Being absorbed by past failures ~ Something that stifles your intuition ~ Something that steals your ability to trust yourself ~ A false belief that being intense makes you safe ~ A false belief that productivity keeps you safe

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How To Be Emotionally Healthy (Part 2)

Being emotionally vulnerable can be terrifying. One reason I became a therapist, is to feel safe and appear like I've got things together. When people come to me for help, I'm seen as the expert, and I get to remain in control. Asking for help is much more vulnerable than dishing it out. I'm much more comfortable helping than being helped. I'm not proud of this.

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Depressed Man with Head in Hands

Anyone Can Struggle With Depression

I lived in the pacific northwest in the early 90's alternative "grunge" rock. I used to be embarrassed about this, just like I was embarrassed to admit that I used to drink heavily. When Chris Cornell of Soundgarden committed suicide in May 2017, it impacted me. He was honest in his music. His death reminds me that everyone struggles and appearances are deceiving.

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