Kickstart Your Self Confidence

6 Questions to Help You Live an Inspired Life

May 7, 2024 |


History is filled with examples of people who overcame the most challenging of circumstances. Learn as much as a you can from those who overcome. What you’ll find is that you CAN improve your self-confidence if you work at it. 

People who build self confidence are committed to not avoiding things, keep promises to themselves, and they don’t play it safe.

4 Truths About Yourself

  1. You were made for a unique purpose.
  2. You are a worthy of love and acceptance regardless of your performance.
  3. There are people who love you regardless of your performance, successes, and failures.
  4. You have influence on your future through the decisions you make.

If you believed all of the above 4 statement – and you should because they’re true – how will that impact you? Not just a cognitive “in your head” type of belief, but a confident “I know these things are really true about me” belief. What would happen? How would you live life differently?

Confidence means having faith in yourself. Rate your current level of overall self-confidence on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is low and 10 is high). Now imagine having a confidence level of 10 consistently and answer the following 6 questions.

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6 Questions For Overcoming Your Fears

Answer the following questions imaging your confidence level was at a 10 and that you fully believe each of the 4 truths above.

1. How would I act/behave differently around others?

Examples: Friendly, smile more, engage people, laugh more, share my opinion, express appreciation, express disagreement, be forgiving, initiate social activities, express gratitude, stand tall, look people in the eyes, speak clearly, slow down, etc.

2. What would I start doing or do more often?

Examples: Try new things, exercise, network, go to concerts, go to church, yoga, journaling, delegate tasks, encourage people, call friends and family, set boundaries, follow my schedule, go to bed earlier, engage positive people more, etc.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

3. What would I stop doing that I do now?

Examples: Worry, working too much, procrastinating, criticizing others, overspending, nicotine, social media, limit alcohol, hanging out with negative people, 2nd guessing myself, being late, perfectionism, fixating on the worst outcome, etc.

4. How would my perspective about myself, my life, people, and my circumstances change?

Examples: Seeing my value, recognizing opportunities, gratitude, trusting people, trusting my intuition, “I can get through this”, “I’m blessed to have my friends and family”, focusing on hope rather than fear, “I’m grateful for my job”, etc.

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5. What risks would I start taking that I’m afraid to take now?

Examples: Join a running club, reach out to friends from college, hire a new employee, sky dive, network, find a new job, start a new business, rock climb, public speaking, podcasting, volunteers, writing a blog, date, join a civic group, etc.  

6. What goals would I set and work toward?

Examples: Lose 20 pounds, start a side hustle, finish my degree, run a marathon, travel to Europe, read a book each month, get certified in an area professionally, get my real estate license, entertain more often, learn a new skill, etc.

If your found this exercise helpful, here’s a downloadable fillable PDF worksheet called If I Had More Confidence

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