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Presentations on Mental Health and Relationships

Bring Decide Your Legacy’s mental health and relationship experts to your work environment. Our success in helping people overcome stressful life situations can benefit your company. The tools we use to strengthen families can help your team. These high-energy workshops are fun, interactive, and filled with practical information participants can apply right away. 

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Corporate & Group Workshops

Our speaking and training focus on a variety of topics related to corporate wellness. Our ultra-practical, nuts and bolts trainings are fun, interactive, and filled with simple but powerful truths. These are high-energy training that gets audiences engaged. Participants leave with tools to help them solve problems and get more out of life. Download our list of corporate & group workshops.

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Mental Health & Stress Management

Tools for Thriving in the Workplace

Stress and anxiety are at epidemic levels and the workplace isn’t immune to their negative impact. Depending on your approach, stress can stretch you and make you stronger or wear you down and set you on a destructive path. People who cope well do things differently. They view challenging situations and engage in actions that are distinct from those that allow stress & anxiety to damage their lives and relationships. Learning and practicing research-based tools will help you stay resilient, prepare for the future, and continue to thrive through life’s challenges.

7 Benefits of Improving Mental Health & Stress Management at Work

  1. Increased productivity & goal achievement
  2. Increased creativity & problem-solving ability
  3. Decreased employee turnover
  4. A more energized workforce
  5. A happier workforce
  6. A positive culture
  7. Employees are excited to come to work each day

Healthy Relationships & Communication Skills

Tools for Improving the Social Health of Your Organization

The best companies communicate the vision, purpose, and values of the company clearly & consistently. The best companies create a culture where employees feel safe to share their ideas, feel appreciated, and form healthy bonds with their co-workers. Employees are more productive and businesses are more profitable when your team feels understood and valued. Learn how the best organizations foster healthy relationships and how to create a culture where effective communication is commonplace. These skills can be learned. Give your company a competitive advantage by helping your team improve their social and communication skills.

7 Benefits of Improving Communication and Relational Effectiveness at Work

  1. Improved teamwork, efficiency, and profitability
  2. Increased creativity & problem-solving ability
  3. Team members feel happier and more appreciated
  4. Employee retention increases
  5. The team understands the vision, purpose & values of the organization
  6. Employees understand expectations
  7. A positive culture

Victory Over Fear

SECRETS for Overcoming the Anxiety that Holds Your Back

Rejection (e.g. embarrassment, judgment, etc.,) is most people’s biggest fear. My passion is helping people find the clarity needed that propels them forward to face their biggest fears. Usually, emotional fears, like this fear of rejection, have the biggest power over people’s lives. Fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of change is immobilizing if we listen to it. When you push through your anxiety, know that real growth is on the other side. Learn the tools to overcome your anxieties so you can live life to the fullest.

7 Truths About FEAR

  1. Fear will never go away as long as I continue to grow.
  2. Hope overpowers fear! No matter the circumstances, you can choose to have a hopeful mindset.
  3. Hope alone won’t transform your life, consistent positive habits will.
  4. The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is TO DO IT.
  5. The only way to increase self-worth & self-confidence long-term is to have a habit of FACE YOUR FEARS.
  6. When I experience fear because I’m leaning into my fears, so is everyone else who is growing.
  7. Facing my fears is much less frightening long-term than living with a feeling of helplessness today & regret later.