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Hope vs. Fear

By on Feb 13, 2019 in Blog, Life Balance, Stress | 0 comments

You Have a Choice Ahead of You

Life is hard! It brings us many challenges we didn’t expect and weren’t prepared to face. I’ve had days when I’ve struggled to stay hopeful. Many people vacillate between hope and fear. I write this post to remind myself and to remind you to choose hope.

There are two orientations towards life; a fearful orientation or a hopeful one. Both perspectives, whichever one you choose, will impact your future. Both become cycles of living. They become lifestyles.

The Fear Cycle

Fear intensely focuses on potential problems. It keeps you closed off and guarded, with the motive of protecting you from hurt. This leads you to basically not even living life at all. Fearful people think about ……..

  • What could go wrong
  • How I might get hurt if I do something new
  • How my mistakes from the past hold me back today
  • Bad events from the past happening again

The Hope Cycle

Hope recognizes the potential in each situation. Hope leads you to being open to whatever life brings. Hopeful people think about ………..

  • What could go right
  • How this is an opportunity to grow
  • What I’m learning from this experience
  • Who I might meet and connect with today

A Call to Action

Here’s a powerful activity to get you started down the path of hope. Make a list of 10 things you’re excited about experiencing in your future. Post it somewhere you will see it every day. Read it daily. It will help!

I’ve seen people choose hope in very difficult life situations. I’ve seen people stuck in fear for decades. Each day lately, I seem to go back and forth between the two orientations. Will you choose hope today?

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