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12 Dating & Marriage Building Activities

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If a healthy romantic relationship were easy, more people would have one. Whether you are in a dating relationship, engaged, or married, here are 12 activities that can take your relationship from average to extraordinary. #1: Schedule FunMake a list of 15 activities that you enjoy engaging in with your significant other. Make sure some of the activities cost little to no money. Exchange lists. Put some of these activities into your schedule.# 2: Encouragement ListsBoth you and your significant other make a list of 10 things the other person...

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Why You Should Deal With Your Past (Part 1)

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I ask clients, usually during the first few sessions, to tell me any trauma they’ve experienced (e.g. abandonment, assault, abuse, accidents, death of a loved one, etc.). Anything they think could have negatively impacted them. Sometimes they share openly, sometimes they share with hesitation, and sometimes they become defensive. When they open up, they nearly always find it relieving to talk about and process through difficult life experiences. I want my clients to live full and rich lives, and I don’t want the past to hold...

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5 Steps to Establishing Life Balance (Part 3)

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Evaluate Your Life and Adjust it to a “7” Something special happens when you live with balance. Life becomes more enjoyable and more exciting. You’re more productive. Things start snapping into place. I’ve posted the first two steps to establishing life balance in Part 1 and Part 2. If you read these posts, you know it’s not perfection. Your goal is to get each area to “good enough”. Here’s step 3 in getting your life more balanced. Step 3:...

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5 Steps to Establishing Life Balance (Part 2)

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    Realistic and healthy expectations lead to balance. Unrealistic expectations cause stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship problems, and much more. Below is the 2nd step in establishing life balance. Read about the 1st Step in 5 Steps to Establishing Life Balance (Part 1). Step 2: Define Your “7” in Each Life Area Establish a “good enough” baseline for each area of you life. “Good enough” means a “7” on a scale or 1 to 10 (1 is poor and 10 is great)....

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5 Steps to Establishing Life Balance (Part 1)

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  The life wheel is a tool that has really helped me and many of my clients. It divides your life into general categories. You’re either moving towards or away from life balance. This tool can bring awareness to your direction. Below is Step 1 in establishing life balance. Step 1: Decide Your LegacyDecide how you want to be remembered in each area of your life. What do you hope people say about you when you are gone? Be specific. Open your heart. Here’s an example of a client’s answers to step 1. Spiritual: His connection to...

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Hope vs. Fear

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You Have a Choice Ahead of You Life is hard! It brings us many challenges we didn’t expect and weren’t prepared to face. I’ve had days when I’ve struggled to stay hopeful. Many people vacillate between hope and fear. I write this post to remind myself and to remind you to choose hope. There are two orientations towards life; a fearful orientation or a hopeful one. Both perspectives, whichever one you choose, will impact your future. Both become cycles of living. They become lifestyles. The Fear Cycle Fear intensely...

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15 Ways Adults Can Make Friends

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Recently, I talked on the phone with a close friend from high school. I feared reaching out to him because we hadn’t talked in nearly 2 years. Thoughts like “he doesn’t want talk”, “he’s too busy with his family”, and even “I’m a burden”, entered my mind. The conversation was encouraging. None of my worries were true.  Friends are SO important because they can …… Help you see your current situation accurately Remind you of your potential when lacking confidence Inspire...

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How to Change Negative Core Beliefs About Yourself (Part 1)

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In 5th grade I was accused of dancing on a table during lunch. The principle embarrassed me in front of a packed lunchroom. She then brought me to her office where her and the vice-principle harassed for what seemed like an hour. I cried and cried knowing I was innocent.  Because I was threatened, I never told my parents. Decades later I learned I was targeted in retaliation for a complaint my parents made about my brother’s first grade teacher. I rarely thought about this incident until a friend asked me about my first traumatic memory...

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How to Change Negative Core Beliefs About Yourself (Part 2)

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If you read How to Change Negative Core Beliefs About Yourself (Part 1), you looked at 20 common limiting mindsets and 5 questions to help replace them. Below are real examples of ways people have replaced destructive core beliefs with empowering ones. “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” -Henry Ford At a recent football game, my daughter, Emerson, saw one of her friends hanging out with some kids she didn’t know that well. She wanted to join the fun, but she was...

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How to Be Grateful When Life Is Hard (Part 1)

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How you think is one of the few things in life you can directly influence. How you feel is directly connected to what you focus on the most. You can believe a lie as easily as  believing something that is true, especially when stressed. Gratitude is the best way to focus your mind on truth. It’s easy to dream up bad things, but gratitude is grounded in reality. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein Each morning, I list 5...

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