Reviews from Happy Clients


“ Working with Adam for the past year was life changing. He was a tremendous coach for me to take my career to the next level, re-balance priorities in my life and gain confidence. Each session left an imprint on me as I defined my core values and needs, which I can sustain these concepts for my future. I reflect upon the sessions with Adam as very eye-opening, powerful and healing. He fueled exponential growth in my faith in Christ journey. I highly recommend Adam as a life coach – he listens, provides guidance while holding true to who you are as an individual. He will change your life for the better, give Adam a call.”
Joy Free, Vice President, Spirit Aerosystems

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Adam and decide your legacy for professional coaching. Any leader wanting to grow their leader ship ability and capacity needs great people around them. Adam served as a key player on my team in growing my leader ship. I’m grateful for the time that I spent meeting and walking through my professional life with Adam. It was a great experience and one that I will utilize again in the future.”
Chad Fleming, O.D., Wichita Optometry

“I’ve tried a lot of different methods for coming up with core values, life purpose, mission statements, etc… but Tune Up For Life really walked me through the process so I can feel confident with the results. This course is a must for anyone wanting to take the next step in personal growth and effectiveness.”
Chad Doeden, Wichita, Kansas

“Tune Up For Life has been a helpful resource personally and professionally. It has helped me to focus on my priorities and values in every area of life. I appreciate the clarity and specific direction it has offered as I move toward obtainable goals. As a clinician, I have also utilized ideas and exercises with clients that help to move them toward greater life satisfaction. I highly recommend this effective resource to anyone looking to fine-tune their direction in life”.
Blake Buhrman, Owner, Central Kansas Counseling

“Adam helped me discover the truth. He helped me realize that being my authentic self, not whatever version of myself I thought the situation demanded, was the better option.  Heck, the best option.  Coming from a place of authenticity has allowed me to grow spiritually, in my marriage, as a father, and at work.  The relationships in my life have never been stronger, and I have never felt happier or more content with myself than I do now.  Adam helped guide to this place, and for that, I will always be grateful.”
Kyle Goerl M.D., Team Physician, Kansas State University

“My life has never been clearer! Life coaching with Adam Gragg has been so rewarding, I have been able to make decisions about my career path and have been able to create and reach goals I never thought I would. Life can be challenging but with Decide Your Legacy’s tools I am able to work through the challenges and reach my fullest potential. If you are having thoughts of uncertainty with your career, take the right step and see Adam and the Decide Your Legacy team, you will not regret it!”
Samantha Amos, Wichita, Kansas

“Adam Gragg and the Decide Your Legacy team are the total package. The balanced and thorough approach they use for Life Coaching enabled me to examine and strategically develop working plans from my core values to sound bites for optimizing my life’s mission. This approach let me take into account the latest diagnostic exercises along with considerations from family to professional life to move forward confidently and based on meeting my personal set of needs. Working closely with Adam yielded my specific plan to act on a daily basis to pursue those opportunities best suited to produce more satisfying and higher level results. I highly recommend this Coaching experience to anyone who wants to challenge themselves to point true north and come out better prepared with strategies that will yield their best results.”
Albert Sanchez, Wichita, Kansas

“I started the coaching process with Decide Your Legacy after completing my Master’s degree. The process of defining values and discovering purpose has been invaluable. I was soon presented with two offers. One to be a partner for a small firm, the other was a position in Corporate America. Because I had defined my values and purpose, I knew what was important to me and what would fulfill my life, the decision was easy to make with confidence and speed.”
Eric Stehm, Wichita, Kansas

“Investing time with Adam in career coaching has been an incredibly insightful process, tuning my perspective and career choices toward my core values, strongest skills and long-term aspirations.  As a professional that is passionate about self-improvement, I found my time with Adam to be encouraging, challenging and filled with provoking questions that demanded careful consideration in, and excellence from, all areas of my life.  I would encourage anyone who has been pursuing or considering personal and professional development to make a true investment in Adam’s coaching, as it will heighten your self-awareness, demand results from your goals and encourage a balanced wellness in each area of your life.
Stephen Christian, Cleveland Public Schools

“We started West Ridge Community Church in September 2012 with hearts full of hope, shared dreams and big ideas. By mid 2016 we had experienced ups, downs, flush times and lean… we had also experienced growth and the sense that God was empowering us to continue the project. It was at this point that we engaged Adam Gragg to help us with visioneering for the future. The process was both clarifying and invigorating. Adam helped us think through our priorities and sequence them in ways that made sense. He challenged us to continue to dream and to articulate those dreams for our board, our staff and our congregation… and he did this with genuine sensitivity for our faith. So Huzzah and Thanks to Adam and Decide Your Legacy. We will be back for more!
Dr. David Mitchell, Sr. Pastor West Ridge Community Church

“I thought that the workshop was extremely useful in giving me structured time to reflect on what I wanted out of life and how I should work on improving myself. One aspect I really enjoyed was the collaborative nature of getting to talk with the other participants within the workshop to both hear their perspectives and work together on discovering overlooked aspects of our personality. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to discover their purpose to begin that journey by taking one of Adam’s workshops.”
Gavin Badillo, Wichita, KS

“After attending Adam’s Legacy Workshop, I can finally say that my once vague and inchoate values, goals, mission and life purpose are finally identifiable and within reach. Like so many people, I felt destined to “survive” the day, completing my work-related tasks and errands before calling it a night. In spite of having accomplished those daily tasks, I still lacked the feeling of peace and accomplishment. Adam’s workshop helped me ask the right questions with regard to exactly what I want for my future and how I can live each day in harmony with my core values, my short-term goals, and my purpose in life. In summary, I strongly encourage everyone to search inside, reflect, and define the legacy that you would be proud to call your life when you’re looking back from a point where life is almost complete.
– Christopher Bryant, D.O., Wichita, KS

“Before taking the plunge and working through the Decide your Legacy personal coaching I was struggling with perspective. Work was dominating my life in a way I was unhappy with and I was teetering in the brink of exhaustion and burnout. I just wanted a break, but in the midst of the pandemic, I was constantly being told I should be grateful for my job. People with the best of intentions were pushing me further into burnout and I was not in a position to enjoy life anymore. Through the 6 month process Adam helped me to regain perspective and helped me build better coping skills, better self image, and helped me to learn to identify the lies. I am a different person now than I was 6 months ago. I would absolutely recommend personal coaching to anyone who is needing to improve their work-life balance. “

-Ed Hett, Harrisonville, MO

“Adam was the push I needed to start moving forward in my life. I felt stuck in the same place for years, but after our Life Coaching sessions, I finally started to see progress and growth. When I look back to where I was a year ago compared to now, I’m truly amazed. There are still areas I need to work on, but I know I can look back at his worksheets and session notes and put myself in the right headspace to move forward. Thank you, Adam!”

-Emily Bolton, Wichita, KS

“It changed my thoughts on my core values, something I didn’t even really understand before. Tune Up for Life gave me insight and clarity that helped me start facing my fears. I decided to go back to school again. I learned that I need to stop overthinking and to trust myself. I’m excite about going through the content a second time.” – 

– Seth Alderson, Sedgwick, KS

“I have worked with Adam for over a year and a half and the improvements and growth I’ve made over this time have been life-changing. Adam helped me overcome an extremely difficult time in my life and I’m thankful for his care, support, motivation and kindness. I very much struggle to open up to people, especially about my problems, but Adam makes me feel comfortable and safe. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me!
– Zach W, Wichita, KS

Speaking & Training

“Adam is a strong communicator. His presentations were very well-received by our staff. Adam has a way of making “dry” material, like sexual harassment guidelines, entertaining and interesting for his audience.”
Brett White, Andover Public Schools Superintendent

“Adam did a wonderful job of connecting with our team by providing easy to understand examples of ways to thrive instead of just surviving personal change. He uses his experience and personal communication skills in a masterful way, which allows the audience to relax and listen carefully. We have received many compliments from staff on how Adam was able to assist them in feeling more confident in walking through the challenges of life.”
Evan Wilson, Chief Experience Officer, Meritrust Credit Union

“When you hear Adam speak, two things become quickly apparent. First, he has absolute command of his topic. Second, you feel like he came to speak only to you. Too often with professional trainers, these skills are mutually exclusive. Not with Adam. His ability to synthesize complex information and research is impressive, but it is his ability to deliver content in a way that fully engages the audience that sets him apart. I’ve hired Adam to speak to para-professionals, business leaders, and physicians. He always delivers.”
–Todd Lewis, IMA, Inc.

“Adam is a very knowledgeable speaker who engages the audience. Adam is trustworthy and really knows how to capture the attention of his audience. His wealth of experience in counseling and career coaching is much appreciated!”
Stacey Hamad, IMA, Inc.

“Adam did a wonderful job of providing training to a group of experienced managers not used to change. Adam worked the group very well and was able to personalize the training to their level.”
Jeff Falkner, Wichita Public Schools

The Legacy Jar

I use The Legacy Jar with 2 parts of my businesses. I use it weekly with my management team. It has allowed us to become a tighter team that knows and understands each other more. I also use it with new employees during orientation as a way to start the creation of personal connection. My turnover has cut in half of my industry standard since using The Legacy Jar during orientation.”
Keith Sullivan from Amarillo, Texas

“I’ve used the legacy jar with an eighth grade Sunday school class and an adult group and both loved it! I find it amazing that this tool works for families, couples, in the classroom, team building, Etc. I’m a fan!”
Tiffany Gragg from Metairie, Louisiana

“What a great way to stimulate thoughts, memories, ideas – and to take us into each other’s hearts.”
Larry and Faith, Wichita, Kansas

“It’s a great conversation game.”
Amy Scott from Orangevale, California

“Yes! We LOVE ours! The kids ask if we can “do a question” at every meal.”
Julie Lefevre from Goddard, Kansas

I highly recommend The Legacy Jar. I’ve used it many times at work, home, and at church events. The questions are excellent. My 5th graders use to beg me at school to play it. I’ve purchased dozens for my family and friends.”
Heidi Mitchell from Maize, Kansas