Take Emotional Risks Frequently!

Making Your Risk List (Vulnerable Actions)

February 15, 2021 |

There are certain powerful emotions I never want to feel again. Very strong feelings of rejection, failure, and embarrassment. Because of this hurt from my past, my mind (i.e. my psyche) bullies me into doing whatever I can to avoid engaging any situation that could trigger that feeling again. 

So, I’ll hide out avoiding life thinking this is helping me when it is actually hurting my life. I’m believing psychologically damaged advice. The worst advice you can ever take is from a fearful mind. Set your goals and intentions when you are CLEAR, not out of FEAR. 

Brene Brown helped me see that if you don’t risk getting hurt emotionally (e.g. failure, rejection, embarrassment, ect.), you damage your ability to feel good emotionally (e.g. joy, excitement, peace, ect.). Vulnerablity is crucial to your emotional health and it’s one of my central struggles in life. Opening up to others and being seen is often the last things I want to do, yet I heal when I take the necessary steps to be open consistently. For me, that means consistently reaching out to people and letting them in on my life and struggles.  

Take Action

I often have clients list actions they can take that are scary. Actions that move them towards goals AND where they cannot control the outcome (i.e. a risk). They commit to being vulnerable. Sometimes I have them take an emotional risk while they’re in the middle of a session and I’ve seen real transformation in these moments. Growth happens when you take action. 

Click the link below for a worksheet to create your list of vulnerable actions you are willing to risk taking. This might just be the best thing you can do for your emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

My Risk List (Vulnerable Actions)

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