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Why I Decided to Start Decide Your Legacy (Part 2)

I started Decide Your Legacy because I love helping clients uncover their potential and find their best future. I started this business because I believe in coaching.

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Finding Clarity

Why I Started Decide Your Legacy (Part 1)

Decide Your Legacy was created to inspire people to intentionally focus on their future. At times, due to fear and distractions, we’ve steered away from the purpose, yet it always comes... Read More

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12 Life Balance Tips (Part 1)

Most of my high performance clients are not having enough fun therefore there life is lacking. Their professional life is getting most of their energy. Do something you enjoy. Make a list of 5 activities that you delight in and do something off the list right away. My fun list: Watching sports, ping pong, funny You Tube videos (email me at adam@decideyourlegacy.com for my favorites), reading, and golf. Little do most know that as result of having more fun, your productivity will increase.

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