Why We Started Decide Your Legacy (Part 1)

How to Find Your Best Future

July 30, 2019 |

Finding Clarity

Decide Your Legacy was created to inspire people to intentionally focus on their future. At times, due to fear and distractions, we’ve steered away from the purpose, yet it always comes back around to helping others “Find Their Best Future”. 

Decide Your Legacy was created to help people clarify a plan for their life. A Legacy Plan. Something flexible, not rigid. A framework, a guide, a reminder.

A Legacy Plan comes out of courage, not fear. It propels you forward to face your fears. Very few people intentionally step back to uncover this clarity. Most people don’t “sculpt” their lives. They accept what comes their way and then gripe about it.

At Decide Your Legacy, we help people figure out what they REALLY want and create a plan to get there. We do this through coaching and workshops. 

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Topics Frequently Addressed Through Decide Your Legacy Coaching

Vision (Decide Your Legacy)

How do you hope others remember you when you’re gone? Create your Legacy Statement and 10-year vision that will keep you focused and motivated.

Healthy Thinking Skills 

Shift your focus away from fear towards hope. Learn 3 tools that will reshape your life perspective for the better.

Emotional Health 

Your emotions are a God given resource. Understand how to effectively identify, manage, and express your feelings in ways that build relationships and help you reach your goals.

Self-Concept (What I Love About Myself)

Gain insight into the assets of your personality, life experiences, and passions. Identify what you love about yourself and learn how to be your own biggest encourager

Core Beliefs (Replace Limiting Mindsets)

Everyone has perspectives of themselves and the world that hold them back. Identify your negative core beliefs and learn how to overcome them.

Core Needs (How I Thrive)

We all forget what energizes us and what drains us. Identify what you need each day to thrive and create a plan to get these needs met each day.

Balance (Make it a 7)

Learn how to use the Life Wheel as a tool to consistently assess your life and make necessary shifts. Establish realistic and healthy expectations in each life area.

Life Purpose (Why I Exist)

Understand the clues to discovering your unique life purpose. Identify strategies to engage these reasons for your existence. Create your life purpose statement.

Core Values (How I Behave)

Core values are the behaviors that you deem most essential for your personal success. Identify your top core values and create a plan to live them out each day. 

Mission (What I Do Professionally)

In what practical ways can you live out your life purpose right now? Create a clear statement telling the world how you live out your purpose.

Goals (My Focus)

Healthy goals energize, inspire, and keep you balanced. Learn how to set the right goals and avoid the wrong ones.

Habits (My Consistent Actions)

Establish the behavioral habits that lead to successfully reaching your goals. 

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