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How to Find Clarity in Life

No Clarity Leads to Bad Decisions

By on Apr 3, 2017 in Life Balance | 2 comments

I had a problem in 7th grade at Andrew Carnegie Middle School. I was being bullied. Most of the bullying came at the hands of one kid in particular, but others participated as well. Hair spray was sprayed in my face, my bike was stolen, one kid even pooped on my front porch. I didn’t tell my parents for months. Of course they knew someone pooped on our front porch and someone stole my bike, but I chose to hide from them the details of my suffering.

Bad Choice #1: I Didn’t Talk to Anyone About My Problem

Bad Choice #2: I Did Not Stand Up to The Bullies

I felt so powerless until I finally decided to tell my parents. After my dad heard my story, he told me that I needed to punch the kid. I remember feeling relief when I finally had a solution. My dad’s blessing towards self defense was the clarity I needed. Sometime over the next week the kid started to tease me again, and I punched him in the mouth. I hit him so hard and square that I fractured a bone in my hand. One shot in the mouth, and my suffering was over.

Good Choice #1: I Talked to My Parents

Good Choice #2: I Punched the Bully in the Mouth


I Help People Find Clarity!

I help people the way my dad helped me in 7th grade. I help people find clarity. Here’s how I do it. I love coffee. I love coffee beans and coffee filters. You need to have excellent beans and a good filter to make a great cup of coffee. Coaching starts with showing you how to create great beans through healthy thinking and a positive self identity.

A coffee filter removes the coffee grinds (bad stuff) so that you can have a great cup of coffee (good stuff). Coaching creates healthy filters for your life. You’ll identify and remove distractions so that the good stuff remains.

Once you have excellent beans and a good filter, you can make some great coffee. The coffee I help you create are the RIGHT goals and a clear plan of engagement.

The Life Coaching Process

I’ve found that people rarely slow down and self-reflect. Most people rarely take the time to gain the clarity they need and live with confusion as a result. Don’t let this be you!

No Clarity = Bad Choices

~ Taking the wrong job
~ Hanging out with the wrong people
~ Engaging the wrong profession
~ Spending your time on the wrong activities

If all of this interests you, we have a new product launching soon called Tune Up For Life. It’s an online coaching course and workbook designed to help you find purpose, set goals, and enjoy life. It will help you find clarity, the kind of clarity that inspires change and fills you with the energy needed to get to that next level.

Through the Tune Up for Life, You Will Learn:

1. Tools to help you have a healthy and positive perspective
2. How valuable you are and how to remind yourself of this fact each day
3. How to establish and maintain a reasonably balanced life
4. How to identify and align your life with your core values
5. Clues to discovering your life purpose
6. How to set the RIGHT goals that will lead you towards your best future
7. How to establish the RIGHT habits that lead to success

More information on Tune Up For Life is coming your way soon.