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Why I Decided to Start Decide Your Legacy (Part 2)

Finding Your Best Future!

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I started Decide Your Legacy because I love helping clients uncover their potential and find their best future. I started this business because I believe in coaching.

I’ve been a mental health professional for over 20 years, and while I enjoy much about this role, coaching is my passion. There are HUGE differences between coaching and counseling approaches.

Counseling is about …..
1. The therapist is the expert
2. Your problems and how they keep you stuck
3. Your past
4. How you’re doing things by default
5. Healing old wounds
6. The possibilities
7. Old thinking and how to stop it
8. Uncovering your fears and replacing them
9. What’s wrong in your life
10. Direction from the counselor

Coaching is about …..
1. The client is the expert
2. Your potential and how it can become reality
3. Your future
4. Doing things intentionally
5. Opportunities you have to move forward
6. The possibilities
7. New thinking and how to implement it
8. Uncovering your passions and pursuing them
9. What’s right in your life
10. Direction you have inside yourself

With a Decide Your Legacy coach you’ll …..
1. Reach your goals faster.
2. Become a more effective leader.
3. Identify what you REALLY want and move towards it.
4. Create a motivating vision for your future.
5. Engage a whole new level of accountability.

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Adam Gragg is a corporate trainer, life coach, and mental health therapist. He is skilled at helping workplace teams thrive. He specializes in life transitions, career issues, family counseling, and helping people overcome anxiety and depression. Contact Adam here if interested in seeing how he can help you and/or your team thrive.