5 Things That Make Work Suck

And What You Can Do About Each One

December 10, 2019 |

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We spend too much of our lives at work to settle for misery. Staying in an unhealthy work environment long term will damage your mental and physical health.

Through helping hundred of companies I’ve noticed 5 reasons some workplaces suck. If leaders eliminate these issues, morale dramatically improves and their organizations profit. Leaders can, and should, take action to eliminate each one.

5 Things That Make Work Suck

1. Conflict Avoidance

Healthy teams fight! They express concerns rather than build resentments. They address issues directly with those involved and gossip isn’t tolerated. Incompetence is dealt swiftly through training, reseating, or termination. Solutions: Make it safe to have conflict. Hold people accountable for performance. Enforce a “No Gossip Policy“.

2. Lack of Trust

Somebody isn’t being honest and people know it. Can you rely on your team and can they rely on you? Trust is built over time through trustworthy behavior. Solutions: Be trustworthy. Follow through with what you say you will do. Promptly own mistakes. Create opportunities for connection through celebrating employee life events, conversation, and fun Ice-Breakers.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” -Ernest Hemingway

A tool that addresses all 4 of these issues is a DISC Personality Assessment. Understand the styles of others on your team. Decide Your Legacy has certified Extended DISC coaches that can help your team. Hire Decide Your Legacy. 
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3. Procrastination

You’re discouraging your team by not taking action. Behind procrastination is fear. Fear of not being perfect, fear of failure, and fear of the rejection. Solutions: Let go of perfectionism, trust your instincts, and make decisions. Encourage employees to take risks and make mistakes. Set goals and move forward. Address the fear behind your indecision.

”Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” -Peter F. Drucker

4. Lack of Clarity

Ambiguity causes anxiety! Don’t be unclear. Over-communicate on the essentials like values, purpose, goals, vision, mission, expectations, roles, and deadlines. Solutions: Revisit, highlight, post, and creatively communicate (i.e. stories, rewards, etc.) the essentials again and again. People forget unless reminded.

5. Sanctioned Incompetence

An team member doesn’t have the skills set necessary to complete job requirements, is given ample opportunities to gain the skills needed, yet still “drops the ball” and leadership does nothing. Solutions: Incompetence is addressed directly and swiftly. Terminate or Train. Hire slowly, yet fire swiftly. Remind yourself that enabling someone isn’t helping them long term. People are happiest where they have competency.

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