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5 Steps to Establishing Life Balance (Part 1)

By on Mar 4, 2019 in Life Balance | 0 comments

The life wheel is a tool that has really helped me and many of my clients. It divides your life into general categories. You’re either moving towards or away from life balance. This tool can bring awareness to your direction.

Below is Step 1 in establishing life balance.

Step 1: Decide Your Legacy
Decide how you want to be remembered in each area of your life. What do you hope people say about you when you are gone? Be specific. Open your heart.

Here’s an example of a client’s answers to step 1.

Spiritual: His connection to God is why he had hope and courage. He trusted God and knew He made him for a higher purpose.

Family: He was encouraging. A loyal and loving husband, dad, brother, uncle, friend and son.

Health & Self-Care: He took care of his health through consistent exercise, healthy eating, and stress management. He delayed gratification.

Intellectual: He loved to learn from books and people. He loved to read and filled his time with uplifting content and experiences.

Social & Fun: He made life an exciting adventure. He made a consistent effort to connect with others.

Career/Business: You could tell he loved his career, which is why he never retired.

Financial: He made money to make other people’s lives better. He was an excellent steward of resources.

Your answers above may trigger some shame and regret if you see that you’re not living the life you desire. Don’t be afraid of reality as it will challenge you to get on track.

Next, I’ll show you step 2 in establishing life balance. You’ll learn how to create a baseline for evaluating your life consistently.

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Adam Gragg is a life coach and mental health therapist. He specializes in life transitions, career issues, marriage and family counseling, and helping people overcome anxiety and depression. He is skilled at helping workplace teams thrive through corporate training. Click here to find out how he can help you, and your team, get to the next level. 

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Adam Gragg is a corporate trainer, life coach, and mental health therapist. He is skilled at helping workplace teams thrive. He specializes in life transitions, career issues, family counseling, and helping people overcome anxiety and depression. Contact Adam here if interested in seeing how he can help you and/or your team thrive.