10 Great Dates You Can Have at Home

March 7, 2015 |

Always going on a traditional date (e.g. dinner and activity) can be expensive and boring. You have fun dating options available at home for free.

Constraints, like staying at home and spending no money, can bring out your creativity. When people have limited resources, they can get extremely creative. Engaging your relationship creativity is healthy. Here are some great dates that are basically free.

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1. Play a Game: Turn off the TV and pull out that board game. Dust it off and give it try. Playing chess, backgammon (my favorite), Mancala, Yatzee, and many other classic games can be a blast. Be competitive and hone your gaming skills. The competition and conversation that comes out of this activity can be extremely healthy.

2. Cook a Meal or Dessert: Get the ingredients for a meal or dessert and cook together. One of you is the chef and the other the sous-chef. Enjoy the meal together when you are done.

3. Read a Book Together & Discuss: Pick out a positive book and discuss the contents. One of you reads a chapter out loud to the other and then rotate. Focus on the positive aspects of what you’re reading.

4. Discuss Your 1, 2 or 5 Year Goals: Dream about what you want different parts of your life to be like in 5 years (e.g. hobbies, friendships, living situation, lifestyle, health, spiritual life, financial situation, etc.)

5. Discuss Your Core Values: Your core values are those traits, qualities, and attributes that are most important to you in life. Make a list of how you can practically live out each value together.

6. Entertain: A date night can be a time when you have people over, just make sure you have time to talk and connect with each other. Use the time getting ready to entertain as time to connect.

7. Do a Home Project: You can connect while painting rooms and putting together furniture. Making this a date all depends on your attitude and approach.

8. Shop for Christmas & Birthdays: Make a list of the people you are shopping for this year. Use a piece of paper to brainstorm gift ideas and a computer to look up ideas on the internet.

9. Create Your Yearly Calendar: Get all the fun stuff you have during the year neatly on your calendar. Start getting excited and planning for these events, even if they are 10 months away.

10. Go on a Long Walk: I had to throw in one date that isn’t at home. This one still counts because you start the date at home. If you have a park nearby, walk to the park, sit and talk. If you don’t have a park nearby, walk through through your neighborhood. Bring the dog along too for a double-whammy.

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Question: Which of these will you try? Get it on the calendar, do it, and report back to us.

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