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Your True Value


You may believe that your value as a person is somehow related to your achievements and performance. This is not true.

Your true value is intrinsic not extrinsic. There is great danger in placing your value on the external. These things will eventually change and diminish leaving you broken if that’s how your self-worth is derived.

It’s not what you are, but who you are that matters.


Your True Value (Self-Worth) Worksheet (Also in your Workbook)


Core Beliefs Activity
Most people have 3 – 5 deeply rooted negative core beleifs. Become aware of them and replace them with a healthier perspective so they no longer drive you. Identify your top 3 – 5 negative core beliefs using this 20 Negavite Core Beliefs Worksheet. You never know when something might go wrong. Seeing that there are lots of option.. Then complete a Be Truth Oriented Worksheet for each one. Enter the negative core beleif in step 1 on the Be Truth Oriented worksheet and follow each step. Email the completed Be Truth Oriented worksheets back to me before our next visit. Articles: How to Change Negative Core Beliefs (Part 1) & How to Change Negative Core Beliefs (Part 2).