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Why You Exist


Discover the underlying reason why you exist. In this section, Adam guides you in how to create a statement that embodies how you want to impact the lives of others around you and give meaning to every day of your life.


Why You Exist (Life Purpose) Worksheet (Also in your Workbook) – In this worksheet, you’ll identify activities that give your life value and create “On Purpose” statements so you can create a life purpose statement about what makes you feel TRULY ALIVE!


Mission Worksheet – This bonus worksheet delves into exploring the missions that you have worked on in the past and present so that you can develop a mission statement that aligns with your life purpose.

Decide Your Legacy Podcast #14: Clarify Your Life Purpose – In this episode, Adam gives three straightforward steps you can use to dive into creating a clear life purpose that can transform your quality of life!

Decide Your Legacy YouTube: Know Your Why – In this video, Adam digs into how to gain a deeper understanding of your true purpose in life and how it can change everything.


50 The Most Interesting Hobbies To Try This Year – Sometimes it can be hard to find a life purpose so why not explore this list of 50 diverse hobbies to try out to see what ignites your passion!