Tune Up For Life Welcome video.

Keep In Mind as Your Go Through the Course:

  • Description – General description of the section
  • Action Items – Any relevant action steps that must be completed during the current section
  • Downloads – Any relevant material needed for the current section.
  • Bonus – Bonus information that relates to the section, produced by Decide Your Legacy (e.g. worksheets, videos) but isn’t directly part of the course content.
  • Resources – Bonus information that goes beyond the scope of the course that may be impactful or useful to the client.

Action Items:

  • Download the Workbook.
  • Most people don’t take the time for self reflection. Schedule time to work on your Tune Up For Life. Make it a priority. Decide what works best for you, but we suggest spending 1 – 2 hour per week on each lesson in the morning, over lunch, in the evening, and/or on weekends. Even just 15 minutes counts.
  • Consider going though Tune Up For Life with a partner (e.g. friend, spouse, co-worker, work team, etc.). As a Tune Up for Life subscriber, you can purchase Tune Up for Life as a gift for anyone at 65% OFF by using the code LEGACYGIFT65. Enter the coupon code LEGACYGIFT65 at check out, hit “apply coupon”, and this discount will show.


If you are doubting that this course will transform your life, watch this YouTube video I recorded called The Answer for Excuses.


Workbook (Auto Download)