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Focus Your Energy


What you focus on the most you will amplify! Are you focusing on good things or negative things that create fear, stress, and depression? In this section, Adam digs into how to direct your energy so are creating a great cup of coffee for the seven areas of your life!

Action Items:

  • Complete the Focus Your Energy (Goals) Worksheet (download available below)


Focus Your Energy (Goals) Worksheet (Also in your Workbook) – In this worksheet, you will identify and evaluate one-year goals for the seven major areas of your life to ensure balance and happiness.


Decide Your Legacy Podcast #15: Set Real Goals and Don’t Hide Them – In this episode, Adam talks about how to dream big so you can set meaningful goals while avoiding common excuses and pitfalls that sabotage us.

Goals Samples for Each Life Area – This handout showcases the Life Areas graphic along with 7 sample goals for how to improve each area.

Goal Reward Ideas – This one-pager showcases a plethora of different rewards for achieving small, medium, and large-sized goals.

Clarifying a Vision for your Future – In this online article, Adam digs into how you can fill out a downloadable worksheet on creating a 2 – 5 year vision on unlocking your potential.


The 5 Second Rule (YouTube) – In this video, Mel Robbins talks about her book The 5 Second Rule and the importance of taking action within 5 seconds of thinking about a goal you want to make progress on. You can also buy the book directly if you are interested in learning more.