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Be Intentional


We all have habits, both good and bad, that affect our quality of life. In this section, Adam explains how to intentionally create good habits to meet the goals you want for your life and overcome the obstacles that might impair you.

Action Items:

  • Complete the Be Intentional (Habits) Worksheet in your workbook (download available below).
  • Complete the Tune Up For Life Summary in your workbook (download available below).
  • Schedule 10 minutes every day to reflect on your summary. 10 minutes seem like a large time commitment with a busy schedule but it pays for itself with long-lasting results!


Be Intentional (Habits) Worksheet (Also in your Workbook) – This worksheet focuses on outlining your personal and professional one and five-year goals. It also showcases two techniques you can use to overcome potential goal setbacks and create clear if/then plans to reinforce positive habits

Tune Up For Life Summary (Also in your Workbook) – This summary encapsulates the highlights within this course of your intrinsic traits, core values, life purpose statement, and top 7 goals so you have a daily reminder to become better.


Decide Your Legacy Podcast #24: Staying Focused on Your Goals – In this episode, Adam Gragg and Hunter LaMunyon discuss how we can set goals more effectively and focus in such a way to overcome the obstacles that face us.

Decide Your Legacy YouTube: Don’t Play It Safe – In this video, Adam Gragg talks about the importance of building your self-confidence by embracing the risk in life.


First Things First by Stephen R. Covey –  Struggling to implement effective time management? Stephen delves into different tips and tricks for prioritizing your time so you can take control of your schedule and your life.

Atomic Habits by James Clear – Definitely one of the most inspiring books I have read in a while that talks about how highly effective individuals form good habits and break bad ones.