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Living From Your Core


Values are behaviors you think are important but your core values are behaviors you see as essential to being your best.

Your core values are part of what make you unique and special. You want your core values to shine forth in each area of your life.

Values influence your decision-making, but CORE VALUES are an essential aspect of true your true self and can be used as a guide in all decision. In this section, Adam demonstrates the importance of core values, how they make you unique and special, and how to discover your own. Prevent yourself from being led astray by being in sync with these values and start living your best life!


Live From Your Core Worksheet (Also in your Workbook) – In this worksheet, you will explore a variety of example core values to see which ones you resonate with while answering a few questions to start developing your core values.


Decide Your Legacy Podcast #23: Core Values – In this episode, Adam dispels the stereotypical perception of core values while discussing how to discover your own so you can live a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life!

Decide Your Legacy YouTube: Live By Your Core Values – In this video, Adam tears into core values and talks about how much of an impact living out your core values can have in your life.