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Description: Tune Up For Life Welcome video. Keep In Mind as Your Go Through the Course: Description – General description of the section Action Items – Any relevant action steps that must be completed during the current section Downloads – Any relevant material needed for the current section. Bonus – Bonus information that relates to the section, produced by… Read More View Lesson

Before We Get Started

Description: Before we get starting we want to cover a few “housekeeping” items to make sure you know what to expect while taking the course. Questions, Feedback, Technical Issues: To contact us for any reason click here to send us a message or email us at tuneupforlife@decideyourlegacy.com. We will respond within 24 business hours. Gifting:… Read More View Lesson

Healthy Thinking Skills

Description: What you focus on the most you will amplify. Are you focusing on good things or negative things that creates fear, stress and causes depression?   Action Items: Complete the Healthy Thinking Skills Section in your workbook or download the worksheet below. Commit to trying out Adam’s Daily 5 & 5 everyday for the… Read More View Lesson

Your True Value

Description: You may believe that your value as a person is somehow related to your achievements and performance. This is not true. Your true value is intrinsic not extrinsic. There is great danger in placing your value on the external. These things will eventually change and diminish leaving you broken if that’s how your self-worth… Read More View Lesson

Assess Your Life

Description: How to assess your life in a healthy, non-perfectionistic, way. This is the first step in moving towards a more balanced life, so that you are more happy and less stressed in all areas of your life. Downloads: Assess Your Life & Make it a 7 (Balance) Worksheet (Also in your Workbook) Bonus Downloads: Balance… Read More View Lesson

Living From Your Core

Description: Values are behaviors you think are important but your core values are behaviors you see as essential to being your best. Your core values are part of what make you unique and special. You want your core values to shine forth in each area of your life. You won’t be led astray when you… Read More View Lesson

Why You Exist

Description: The underlying reason you exist. A statement reflecting how you impact the lives of others around you that gives meaning to each day you live.   Download: Why You Exist (Life Purpose) Worksheet (Also in your Workbook)   Bonus: Mission Worksheet Decide Your Legacy Podcast View Lesson

Focus Your Energy

Description: What you focus on the most you will amplify! Are you focusing on good things or negative things that create fear, stress, and depression? In this section, Adam digs into how to direct your energy so are creating a great cup of coffee for the seven areas of your life! Action Items: Complete the… Read More View Lesson

Be Intentional

Description: We all have habits, both good and bad, that affect our quality of life. In this section, Adam explains how to intentionally create good habits to meet the goals you want for your life and overcome the obstacles that might impair you. Action Items: Complete the Tune Up For Life Summary in your workbook… Read More View Lesson

Getting The Most Out Of Tune Up For Life

Description: In this section, Adam talks about how to get the most out of Tune Up For Life after completing the course! To get the greatest impact out of this series be sure to spend 10-15 mins per day using one of the tools. Staying consistent and intentional with your efforts to improve your life… Read More View Lesson