Tune Up For Life


Tune Up For Life Covers:

Healthy Thinking Skills
What you focus on the most, you AMPLIFY. Learn & practice the research based tools to help you develop and maintain a healthy and positive perspective. The place I start with every coaching client.

Your True Value
Do you lack confidence? Do you lack self worth? Discover your unique intrinsic traits and learn how what you like and/or love about yourself can help you face any challenge life brings your way.

Assess Your Life
Rate your level of satisfaction in all 7 core life areas: spiritual, family, health/self-care, social/fun, intellectual, financial & career/business. Learn how to establish and maintain a reasonably balanced life and how to make necessary adjustments to live with freedom & joy.

Living From Your Core
Everyone has unique core values that can be used to make the best decisions. Clarifying your values and aligning your life with them changes everything. Learn to identify you core values and the steps necessary to live by them.

Why You Exist
Live without regrets. Develop the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect you to live. Everyone has a unique life purpose which, when clarified and reflected on each morning, will keep you on track.

Focus Your Energy
Discover how to set the right goals, goals that will lead you towards your best future. Goals aligned with your life purpose and your core values. Goals that lead to a balanced and happy life.

Be Intentional
You will only reach your goals if you engage daily habits that lead towards your target. Learn the secrets to establishing the right habits that lead to success.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Welcome
  • 2 Before We Get Started
  • 3 Healthy Thinking Skills
  • 4 Your True Value
  • 5 Assess Your Life & Make It a 7
  • 6 Living From Your Core
  • 7 Why You Exist
  • 8 Focus Your Energy
  • 9 Be Intentional
  • 10 Getting The Most Out Of Tune Up For Life