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Decision Making
Tough Decision Making

How to Make Good Decisions (Part 1)

I've wasted countless hours in turmoil over decisions. Indecision has hurt my career and cost me financially. I've frustrated family and friends because I couldn't make up my mind. Few things stress me out more than major choices, and few things bring me as much relief as getting decisions made.

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Decision Making Skills

How to Make Good Decisions (Part 2)

Over the last two weeks, I've made some decisions that were good and some I regret. I asked some friends for help with moving into our additional office space. That was a good decision. We couldn't have made the move without the help. I avoiding pursuing some business opportunities due to my fear of rejection. That was a bad choice on my part. Both were not major decisions, but success with small choices gives me the strength and momentum for the big ones. Here's 4 more tools I find helpful in being decisive.

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