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Bring the mental health and relationship expertise of Decide Your Legacy to your work environment. Our success in helping people overcome stressful life situations can benefit your company. The tools we use to strengthen families can help your team. These high-energy trainings are fun, interactive, and filled with practical information.

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Stress Management at Work: Tools for Living a Healthy & Happy Life

Is your team as productive as you would like? You may be able to get much more out of your team? It’s likely that stress and anxiety is preventing your company from going to the next level. Stress can destroy creativity. Anxiety can cause employee turnover. Worry can prevent people from from having full access to their problem solving abilities. Your team will be happier, energized, and more productive when they learn to cope with stress in healthy ways.


Healthy Relationships in the Workplace: Skills for Helping Relationships Thrive

Employees are more productive when they get along with their co-workers. Businesses are more profitable when people treat each other well. The best companies have employees with great relationship skills. These skills can be learned. These skills can be practiced. Practice them like you would a golf swing or your sales pitch. Give your company a competitive advantage by helping your team grow relationally.


5 Benefits of Improving Stress Coping & Relationship Skills
1. Increased productivity & goal achievement
2. Increased creativity & problem solving ability
3. Decreased employee turnover
4. A more energized workforce
5. A happier workforce


The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Adam Gragg is a certified and experienced trainer of the The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace curriculum. He will bring his vast experience helping companies improve their work culture to your organization. He will help your team implement a plan for encouraging and supporting one another that works. Learn more about the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace at