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The Benefits of Coaching

    A skilled coach can ……….

  • Ask powerful questions to help you identify and understand your strengths, goals, and potential
  • Provide you a safe and supportive space where you can process
  • Help you craft a vision for your future and create a plan to get there
  • Give you the necessary tools, support, exercises, and accountability needed
  • Help you focus at a high level to reach greater results than ever before

Coaching is not a clinical service. Coaching is for those who feel stuck in an area of life like your career, health, or social life. Things might be pretty good in this life area, but you know it could be much better. You have a goal in mind, but you can’t make the progress you desire. Coaching will help you get unstuck and reach your goals through clarity, helpful tools, and accountability.

Each package includes twelve 50-minute coaching sessions. The sessions occur every other week. During coaching you we will create a guiding document called a Legacy Plan. Your Legacy Plan, when made a primary focus, will remind you of what you want, and keep you headed in the right direction. During the first 2 coaching session you will crafter a session agenda with your coach. Session agendas are flexible and tailored to meet the specific goals of clients. Below are two sample coaching agendas.


Legacy Coaching

Premium Coaching Package

Coaching is not curriculum driven. It’s focused on helping clients reach their specific goals. Most have found the following topics extremely helpful in living with clarity. Each addresses a core aspect in creating a successful future. At the end of the coaching process, clients launch out with a guiding document, knows as their legacy plan.

  • Session 1: Assess Your Life & Make it a 7 (Balance)
  • Session 2: Decide Your Legacy (Vision)
  • Session 3: Your True Value (Self-Concept)
  • Session 4: What Get Me Going & Slows Me Down (Core Needs)
  • Session 5: Replace Limiting Mindsets (Core Beliefs)
  • Session 6: Healthy Thinking Skills (Gratitude)
  • Session 7: Live From Your Core (Core Values)
  • Session 8: Why You Exist? (Life Purpose)
  • Session 9: What I Do Right Now (Mission)
  • Session 10: How to Decide (Decision Making Skills)
  • Session 11: Where I Focus My Energy (Goals)
  • Session 12: Be Intentional (Habits)


Thriving In Your Career

Career Coaching Package

This career coaching package is designed to give you the clarity you need to make important career decisions. Don’t need to settle for the status quo when it comes to your career. The agenda and topics covered vary due to the wide variety of career stages (e.g. right out of college, new vocation , military to civilian, etc.).

  • Session 1: Get to Know Each Other; Outcomes; Fills & Drains; Life Wheel
  • Session 2: Personality Assessment; Life Experiences & Interests
  • Session 3: Recap Personality Assessment; Decide Your Legacy Activity
  • Session 4: Core Values & Needs; Support Network Development
  • Session 5: Why You Exist & What You Do? (i.e. Life Purpose & Mission)
  • Session 6: Vision; Goals; Life Balance Strategies; Habit Formation
  • Session 7: Limiting Mindsets; Healthy Thinking Skills
  • Session 8: Career Assessment; Career Strategies; Engaging the Marketplace
  • Session 9: Career Assessment Recap; Decide on Career Focus; Goals Progress Review
  • Session 10: Legacy Plan; Overcoming Obstacles & Motivation
  • Session 11: Progress Update; Legacy Plan Review
  • Session 12: Progress Update; Legacy Plan Review; Graduation

Professional Counseling vs. Coaching


Coaching through Decide Your Legacy is designed to get results. You won’t reach your goals by accident. Let Decide Your Legacy help you find your BEST FUTURE.