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A Simple & Powerful Stress Coping Tool

By on Aug 15, 2017 in Stress | 0 comments

Clients frequently ask for help in coping with stress. Most can identify the source of the tension (e.g. health, job, money, relationship, etc.), but they CANNOT figure out how to cope with the strain. They ruminate, which basically means that their minds get stuck on the issue. This article is to show you something you CAN do about whatever is bothering you.  ...

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Anyone Can Struggle With Anxiety (Part 1)

By on Jul 19, 2017 in Stress | 6 comments

In 1998 I flew from Wichita to Phoenix on America West Airlines. We hit some turbulence going over the Rocky Mountains, the most severe I’ve ever experienced. Some passengers screamed and others prayed out loud. What probably lasted 15 minutes seemed to go on for hours. Our 737 eventually landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. After this...

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Anyone Can Struggle With Anxiety (Part 2)

By on Jul 18, 2017 in Stress | 3 comments

What is anxiety? It’s a confusing thing. Here’s my best effort at explaining it in understandable language. Understanding something will help you overcome it. What is Anxiety? ~ Something that stifles your intuition & creativity ~ Something that steals your ability to trust yourself ~ Being consumed by the worst outcome happening ~ Being absorbed by...

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Are You Emotionally Constipated? (Part 1)

By on Jul 2, 2017 in Relationships, Stress | 0 comments

I’m a middle child from a fairly loud and emotional family. Looking back, it seems like everyone expressed how they felt, except me. I decided at a young age to live inside my head and hide my feelings. As a therapist, I see a strong correlation between a lack of healthy emotionally expression with both depression and anxiety. “Live in your head,...

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Are You Emotionally Constipated? (Part 2)

By on Jul 1, 2017 in Relationships, Stress | 0 comments

Being vulnerable on an emotional level is terrifying. One reason I became a therapist is to appear like I’ve got things together. When people come to me for help, I’m seen as the expert, therefore I remain in control. I’m more comfortable helping than being helped. Asking for help is scary. Not being in control is even more terrifying. I shared...

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Anyone Can Struggle With Depression (Part 1)

By on Jun 22, 2017 in Stress | 0 comments

I’m ashamed of my past because it doesn’t go along with my desired image.  I want to be seen in a positive light and this can consume me. I fear being judged. There’s no freedom in this. I know image is crap, but it still hooks me. Shame and guilt keep me hiding the real me, and hiding sucks. Hiding causes depression. I’m ashamed that I used...

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