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How to Make Good Decisions (Part 2)

By on May 2, 2018 in Productivity | 0 comments

You will make bad decisions in life and that’s OK. You’ll trust untrustworthy people. You will take the wrong job. An investment of time and money will go south. Will you follow up bad choices by learning and taking a better path? In How to Make Good Decisions (Part 1) I gave you 6 tools that have helped me. Here’s 6 more tools I find helpful. 6...

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How to Make Good Decisions (Part 1)

By on Apr 22, 2018 in Productivity | 1 comment

Making decisions is one of the biggest challenges in life. People waste countless hours going back and forth in their heads. Getting stuck in indecision leads to lost opportunities, leadership failure, damaged relationships, and inner turmoil. Few things stress people out more than major choices, and few things bring as much relief as getting decisions made. With...

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Reach Your Personal Goals in 2018 (Part 3)

By on Mar 30, 2018 in Productivity | 0 comments

Here’s a goal setting activity I’ve used with dozens of clients. It takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. You can do it personally or with your team. Works great as a team building activity where everyone shares their results. With this task, I’ve found that most set the same goals in 15 minutes that they would if given 15 days. The time limit...

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Reach Your Personal Goals in 2018 (Part 2)

By on Jan 21, 2018 in Productivity | 0 comments

If you’ve written down some goals for 2018, you should be proud. Everything starts with clarifying what you want. Anxiety is a huge obstacle in moving towards goals. Fear of being criticized and rejected keeps me from taking the leap. Some don’t start because they fear letting themselves down and not being able to cope. Whatever the challenge, getting...

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Reach Your Personal Goals in 2018 (Part 1)

By on Jan 14, 2018 in Productivity | 0 comments

To reach your goals in 2018, it’s important to know why many people miss the mark. Here are the 9 most common traps that snag people. 9 Goal-Setting Traps Trap #1: Lack of Clarify Many are not clear about what they want. Take the time to clarify what you really want and don’t succumb to pressure from others. Are these my goals or am I trying to impress...

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