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How to Make Good Decisions (Part 1)

By on Jul 20, 2016 in Productivity, Stress | 1 comment

I’ve wasted countless hours in turmoil over decisions. Indecision has hurt my career and cost me financially. I’ve frustrated family and friends because I couldn’t make up my mind. Few things stress me out more than major choices, and few things bring me as much relief as getting decisions made. There are two types of decisions, major and minor....

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How to Make Good Decisions (Part 2)

By on Jul 15, 2016 in Productivity, Stress | 0 comments

In How to Make Good Decisions (Part 1), I exposed the fact that I struggle with making decisions and gave you 4 tools that have helped. Over the last two weeks, I’ve made some decisions that were good and some I regret. I asked some friends for help with moving into our additional office space. That was a good decision. We couldn’t have made the move...

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3 Ways to Eliminate Mental Clutter – Today!

By on Mar 23, 2015 in Productivity, Stress | 0 comments

Have some tasks made a home on your to do list? Do you have projects at home or work that are unsettled and undone? Do you have things you’ve have been putting off that are just lingering. In life coaching terminology, we call these “loose ends”, “unfinished business”, or “mental clutter”. You might be surprised at how much...

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How to Reach Your Goals in 2016 (Part 2)

By on Feb 1, 2015 in Productivity | 0 comments

If you have written down some goals for 2016, you have made a big step towards success. Although it’s a big step, it’s not enough and you may still miss the mark. Often we have goals that we struggle to get motivated to achieve. We procrastinate and make excuses on some goals more than others. When I procrastinate, I get discouraged by my lack of...

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How To Reach Your Goals (Part 1)

By on Jan 6, 2015 in Productivity | 0 comments

To reach your goals in 2016, it’s important to know why many people don’t reach their goals. In my experience, there are 5 major reasons that people miss the mark. 1. They don’t have any written goals in the first place. This is the top cause of a failure to reach goals. Many people know what they want to achieve, but nothing is written down and...

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