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Life Balance

How to Find Clarity in Life

By on Apr 3, 2017 in Life Balance | 2 comments

I had a big problem in 7th grade. I was being bullied. Most of the torment came at the hands of one kid in particular, but others participated as well. Hair spray was sprayed in my face, my bike was stolen, and a kid pooped on my front porch. I didn’t tell my parents for months, but hid from them the details of my suffering (except the bike and poop). Bad...

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12 Life Balance Tips (Part 2)

By on Sep 27, 2016 in Life Balance | 0 comments

I’m usually not a jerk to my clients, yet I can be one towards my family. Professionally, the consequences of acting poorly are clear to me (e.g. loss of money, reputation, etc.). At home, the consequences are even greater yet rarely on my mind (e.g. damaged relationships). It’s the same type of thing with life balance. Workaholism might not seem costly,...

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12 Life Balance Tips (Part 1)

By on Sep 12, 2016 in Life Balance | 0 comments

Clients frequently tell me they struggle with life balance. What they usually mean is that they struggle to invest enough emotional and physical energy into all the different areas of their life. One or two life areas consume them, and they feel guilty. If this is you, I’m confident these 12 tips will help. 6 Life Balance Activities 1. Trust Yourself Trust...

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3 Life Lessons to Remember

By on Aug 18, 2016 in Blog, Life Balance, Stress | 0 comments

We can learn lessons about ourselves and about life in many different ways – through books, through movies, through friendships, etc – all we have to do is pay attention and stay curious. Recently, Adam and I took Emerson to see the movie The Jungle Book, and it was one of those movies that spoke to me about some specific life lessons. After crying and cheering at...

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7 Steps to Establishing Life Balance (Part 1)

By on May 28, 2015 in Life Balance | 0 comments

The life wheel is a tool that has really helped me. It divides your life down into general categories. I use it personally and with clients nearly every day. I’m either moving towards life balance or away from it, and the life wheel tells me which direction I’m heading. Sure there are times when lacking balance is expected (e.g. the addition of a new child to the...

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