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Anyone Can Struggle With Depression (Part 1)

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I’m ashamed of my past because it doesn’t go along with my desired image.  I want to be seen in a positive light and this can consume me. I fear being judged. There’s no freedom in this. I know image is crap, but it still hooks me. Shame and guilt keep me hiding the real me, and hiding sucks. Hiding causes depression. I’m ashamed that I used to drink heavily to cope. I lived in the pacific northwest in the early 90’s and became a fan of alternative “grunge” rock. I’ve been embarrassed to admit...

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The Ultimate Personal Vision Clarifying Activity

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It’s transformed businesses. Changed the direction of families. Taken people from addiction to sobriety, from anxiety to hope, and from depression to excitement. What the heck is it? VISION. A positive view of what your future can become can transform your life. It’s hard work perceiving how good your life CAN be, especially if you’re anxious or depressed. Your mind won’t want to go there when in a funk, yet it’s probably just what it needs. “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your...

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My 10 Favorite Questions to Ask Clients

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Knowing the right things to ask makes a big difference. Here are three things I keep in mind when preparing questions for clients: 1. Great questions start with a “what”, “how”, or a “tell me about”. 2. Always be prepared with 2 or 3 powerful questions to start the session. 3. Powerful questions are simple. “Sometimes questions are more important than answers.” – Nancy Willard When I was going through the certification process to become a life coach, I was encouraged to keep a list handy...

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How to Find Clarity in Life

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I had a problem in 7th grade at Andrew Carnegie Middle School. I was being bullied. Most of the bullying came at the hands of one kid in particular, but others participated as well. Hair spray was sprayed in my face, my bike was stolen, one kid even pooped on my front porch. I didn’t tell my parents for months. Of course they knew someone pooped on our front porch and someone stole my bike, but I chose to hide from them the details of my suffering. Bad Choice #1: I Didn’t Talk to Anyone About My Problem Bad Choice #2: I Did Not...

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72 Ways to Love Yourself

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. On average, there are 121 suicides per day or over 40,000 per year. For every completed suicide, there’s an estimated 20 to 25 attempts. Every case involves someone believing, at a very deep level, a big lie about their value. THE BIG LIE MY VALUE = MY PERFORMANCE + THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS “A primary deception all of us tend to believe is that success will bring fulfillment and happiness. Again and again, we’ve tried to measure up, thinking that if we could meet certain standards we...

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Anyone Can Struggle With Anxiety (Part 1)

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In 1998 I flew from Wichita to Phoenix on America West Airlines. We hit some turbulence going over the Rocky Mountains, the most severe I’ve ever experienced. Some passengers screamed and others prayed out loud. What probably lasted 15 minutes seemed to go on for hours. Our 737 eventually landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. After this experience I thought I was fine, but I was wrong. A few months later, I was scheduled to fly again. Before this flight, flying was fun. However, since that experience, my excitement had...

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Is Your Coping Strategy Healthy?

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Let’s face it, life sure isn’t easy. It is full of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns. In every life, there are stressors that impact how we handle challenges. We can’t always avoid or prevent things going wrong for ourselves, our children, or our families. However, we can use positive coping strategies to more successfully face challenges. Coping strategies are critical in helping each of us learn to accept situations that are often beyond our control. They are essential in helping us feel better, especially when the problem still...

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7 Strategies for Positively Engaging Family Members Over the Holidays

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You may be looking forward to the extra time with friends and family over the holidays. Like me, you have high hopes then you can get disappointed as you slide back into old patterns of relating. It’s hard to break old habits. Resist the belief that things can’t change. Prepare to get out of the holidays what you want rather than being blindsided and disappointed. Here are 7 strategies that can help you enjoy people this year. Strategy #1: Do Something New (i.e. Take a Risk) I’ve been a party pooper. I’ve put down new ideas because it was a...

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7 Questions to Turn Anxious Thoughts into Hopeful Ones

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Anxious people consistently focus on what can go wrong and the variables outside their control. Relaxed and laid back people have learned to let go, let things happen, and focus their energy on what can go right. Here’s some anxious thoughts that my clients and I have had recently. Which ones resonate with you? ~ “I don’t have what it takes” ~ “They are going to think I’m incompetent” ~ “It’s all going to fall apart” ~ “We won’t have anything good to talk about at...

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10 Questions Sure to Give You a Thankful Attitude

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My days are filled with distractions. If I don’t intensely focus on my most essential tasks, my time gets consumed by time wasters, avoidance, perfectionism, procrastination, and the pressing needs of others. Something that I can do that is never a waste of time is taking 10 minutes for gratitude. This always helps me get focused on the RIGHT things. Creating a habit of gratitude will change your life forever. Here’s a tool to help you create this habit. Often clients come to me stressed out over things outside their control. I...

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