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8 Great Ice Breakers for Work Meetings & Family Events

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Work meetings don’t need to suck. You can make your team meetings not only productive but fun as well. You need an agenda, some lofty goals, and team building activities. The right ice breaker to start off a meeting can make all the difference. Some of you are already starting to dread those holiday parties, and the tools in this article are for you as well. This Thanksgiving, you’ll know how to create a relaxed and lighthearted environment where people can thrive. The Benefits of Ice Breakers • They build team camaraderie • They...

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How to Be Less Critical & More Encouraging

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I can be critical of others. That’s been my strategy for staying safe. With clients and strangers I’m encouraging, but with friends and family I can be a butt. If I’m critical, people stay away and don’t hurt me. It’s an unhealthy strategy, but it has served a purpose. Here are 5 relationship strategies helping me break this bad habit.   1. Count the Consequences Count the costs of being a critical person long term. How will this impact my relationships with family and friends? Play it forward 5 or 10 years and...

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Replace Your Mental Trash with Truth (Part 1)

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Mindsets are deeply, and often unconsciously, held beliefs about ourselves and the world. They form during our upbringing and further develop through life experiences, both good and bad. Our core beliefs can enhance our future or hinder it. Focusing on the truth helps us have the courage to be our best. Believing lies limits our potential. We can alter our core beliefs by identifying them, admitting they are inaccurate, and replacing them. “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” –...

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A Transformational Self-Confidence Building Activity

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I have deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness. Even though I’ve had success in life, these feelings never totally go away. I have to fight them each day.  Many of my clients have a similar struggle with insecurity. They believe their value comes from their performance, just like I do. When they succeed, they get affirmation from others, and they feel loved. When they fail, or don’t achieve in some life area, the affirmation and perceived love stops. Getting your value from performing well, or the opinions of others, will always...

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20 Questions to Create a Positive Mindset

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We all have seasons in our lives when it’s very hard to be positive. Focusing on gratitude has helped me on my darkest days. It helps me get focused on what’s right rather than what’s wrong. What I FOCUS on the most, I MAGNIFY. “When I stopped living in the problem and began living in the answer, the problem went away.” – The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Clients come to me stressed out over things outside their control. I ask questions to challenge their thinking. If I can get their mind focused on...

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How to Make Good Decisions (Part 2)

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You will make bad decisions in life and that’s OK. You’ll trust untrustworthy people. You will take the wrong job. An investment of time and money will go south. Will you follow up bad choices by learning and taking a better path? In How to Make Good Decisions (Part 1) I gave you 6 tools that have helped me. Here’s 6 more tools I find helpful. 6 More Decision Making Tools Tool #7: Analyze Your Bad Decisions Make a list of the 5 worst life choices and list a couple of reasons behind why you made these decisions. Was it made...

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How to Make Good Decisions (Part 1)

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Making decisions is one of the biggest challenges in life. People waste countless hours going back and forth in their heads. Getting stuck in indecision leads to lost opportunities, leadership failure, damaged relationships, and inner turmoil. Few things stress people out more than major choices, and few things bring as much relief as getting decisions made. With practice, you can improve your ability to make the best choice. Below are 6 tools to start using today. 2 Types of Decisions There are 2 types of decisions, major and minor. The...

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Reach Your Personal Goals in 2018 (Part 3)

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Here’s a goal setting activity I’ve used with dozens of clients. It takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. You can do it personally or with your team. Works great as a team building activity where everyone shares their results. With this task, I’ve found that most set the same goals in 15 minutes that they would if given 15 days. The time limit forces your mind to focus and your intuition to engage. Set a timer and trust your instincts. “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and...

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Reach Your Personal Goals in 2018 (Part 2)

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If you’ve written down some goals for 2018, you should be proud. Everything starts with clarifying what you want. Anxiety is a huge obstacle in moving towards goals. Fear of being criticized and rejected keeps me from taking the leap. Some don’t start because they fear letting themselves down and not being able to cope. Whatever the challenge, getting STARTED on your goals is easier if you answer these 4 questions. Questions On Your Goals 1. What is the main obstacle and how can I overcome it? 2. How can I get accountability...

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Reach Your Personal Goals in 2018 (Part 1)

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To reach your goals in 2018, it’s important to know why many people miss the mark. Here are the 9 most common traps that snag people. 9 Goal-Setting Traps Trap #1: Lack of Clarify Many are not clear about what they want. Take the time to clarify what you really want and don’t succumb to pressure from others. Are these my goals or am I trying to impress someone? Are they mine or are my aims driven by pressure from others? Trap #2: Not In Writing A goal that is written is 10 times more likely to be achieved. If you know what you...

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